My Little Cupcake Interim Report Card

My little cupcake, Alex, is now a freshman in High School. I can't believe he's there...I mean, it doesn't seem that long ago I was a freshman.

I've been worried about the transition from Middle School to High School. Our local high school is very big. I believe there are 700 students in the freshman class.... so naturally I worry about my little man.

But.. today I received his interim report card... and I was so pleased. I really enjoyed the teacher's comments.

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Teachers have always commented that when Alex comes to school, he is prepared and ready to start. It's nice to see that this is continuing in High School.

Great job Alex.... I'm so very proud of you.


Melissa said…
Woo-hooo for Alex! Freshman year is tough, I remember, being the low man on the totem pole, it's hard to fit in. You're doing an excellent job Alex...keep it up!
Anonymous said…
Incredible. Outstanding. Fantastic. What else can grandpa say? You are the man!
Mom/Grandma said…
WOW, well Mom, you couldn't ask for a better report. It's nice he's always prepared when he gets to school. That helps, and apparently you and his Dad have taught him to do his homework as soon as he comes home from school so it's done and then he has the rest of the evening to pretty much do as he wants. Nothing worse then trying to do the homework on the way out the door for school.

Tell him Grandma said DOUBLE WOW. Love you guys.
Melinda said…
WOW! FANTASTIC REPORT CARD ALEX! We had no idea you were doing so very very well! We never hear anything till today!

Keep up the good work and you will be able to do anything you set your mind to!


Melinda and Noah

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