SOSF - Trick or Treat Event

As some of you know, I love participating in the little events sponsored by the Society of Secret Fairies Naturally I had to participate in the latest event "Trick or Treat".

Now... our packages had to be shipped off by October 18th (note... my package I'm sending to my little fairy is actually leaving my post office Saturday morning). So... since today is the 19th, I wasn't expecting to receive a package this soon.

But... there it was....waiting for me when I got off work. And this package traveled over an ocean to arrive at my doorstep.

The outside of the package wasn't revealing who had sent it... so I opened very carefully.

I can shout "TRICK OR TREAT" for my package was overflowing with scarey chocolate treats.... from eyeballs and fingers to skeletons and spiders... and they all were waiting for me.

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And then I found him, all nestled around the sweet treats. Such a cute little monster, scary but sweet.

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There were also halloween coins in purple, orange, black and green............and little kitty cat stickers.

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I franticly searched for a card, a name of who had sent this wonderful package... and there clear at the bottom of the box was the cutest little card. I bet you all can guess who had sent it..................yep..... Miss Ladysnail. And to find out more about Miss Ladysnail... please check out her blog found at:

The eyeballs crack me out. They are huge...

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Thank you so much for gifting me such a wonderful Halloween package. You have made my day so much brighter and I can't wait to sink my teeth into some of that chocolate.

Have a Happy Halloween... and know that someone across the sea... is thinking about you.


Melissa said…
Those eyeballs are HUGE! How funny...I see you added a music player to your blog. I have one at another blog playing nothing but Halloween songs....maybe I'll post it over here at blogger too, so you can hear my Halloween selection!

Very nice gift you received.
Merisi said…
Oh wow! Pretty scary. :-)
That little snail carries a sweet little house around!
I did not participate, fearing I wouldn't get anything together in time. Was so scary busy lately (like running on one of these walkers *umphhhh*).
Merisi said…
You are so scary handy with the htm, love that music player!

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