Sunday ---- A day of rest??

Sunday might be a day of rest for some people, but it seems I'm always the busiest on this day. Perhaps it's because I try to get too many things accomplished on the weekend... or that I tend to do everything on Sunday.

It's Gary's weekend to work at the Hospital, so I try to make nice dinners with plenty of extras for him to take to work. Today I'm fixing Slow Sticky Chicken. It's a very easy recipe... and considering it roasts for 5 to 6 hours at 250 degrees... gives me plenty of time to concentrate on other things. It requires a lot of spices to season it to perfection.

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From kosher salt, to thyme, to paprika, to garlic powder, and minced onions, and ground peppers: cayene, black and white. But together, they combine to an amazing treat.

Naturally, boychild makes an appearance, wanting to know what I plan on fixing for lunch. After arching an eyebrow, and thinking sometimes guests overstay their visit, I explained that I had to clean the kitchen from all the sticky chicken fixings... and the earlier banana bread bowls. I swear he grunted something... and went back upstairs.

I had about 8 ounces of bowtie pasta left from last night recipe (Bats and Cobwebs casserole found at Martha Stewart's website) and I always have cut up veggies handy and ready to use. There was also 2 sweet italian sausage in the frig.... so I cooked them up.

This is what I created.

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After boychild quickly gobbled up the pasta salad, he said "I think I would have enjoyed the sausage more with scrambled eggs." I haven't quite mastered the laser eye stare where I can transform him into something like a hamster.... instead I slapped my hand over my heart, and slide out of my chair. As my bottom lip quivered....I whispered "why, why?"

And then I stood up, slipped back into Mommie Mode... and told him he could clean the kitchen, put away the clean dishes in the dishwasher and wash the table.

Now... it's off to watch "Broken English". The roasting chicken is flooding the house with a cozy and delicious smell. I have a chocolate skeleton from England...(a perfect snack for eating when watching a movie called "Broken English"....

Well dang... I forgot... I need to clean little Shimmer's bowl... and then I'll watch the movie.. ... UGH!!


Melinda said…
making my mouth water!

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