The Leftovers

I made chicken noodle soup last night using up the rest of the chicken left from Thanksgiving (we're not fond of turkey so I roasted a huge chicken instead). I had made my homemade broth using a large package of chicken wings. I added onions and carrots and celery, along with fennel seeds, peppercorns, bay leaves, kosher salt, and thyme. It was very yummy... so I used that as the base for my soup.

To the broth, I added onions, celery, carrots, grape tomatoes, diced tomatoes, white beans, seashell pasta and of course the chicken.

It was so good.

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Today I plan on baking an apple pie for boychild and making rump roast for dinner. I will also make that corn casserole (you know the one using jiffy mix and sour cream).

Well off to watch "Mr. Brooks".


Patty said…
Soup looks delicious. I made a pan of chili today. Tired of messing with anything like a roast. Perhaps tomorrow I'll fix a bonelss pork roast. Love you
Melinda said…
it does look yummy!

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