New Fab Find @ Trader Joe's

So... when the air turns crisp, and the nights are longer, I love to bake. One treat I look forward to this time of year is gingerbread cake and ginger snap cookies.

As I was slowly moving up and down the aisles at Trader Joe's, I found a new mix (at least to me) "Deep, Dark Gingerbread Cake and Baking Mix with Molasses and Ginger" My eyes slammed against the inside of my glasses............I mean... deep, dark, molasses and ginger.

So... tonight as the boys are out walking their 2 miles and I have a load of clothes tumbling in the dryer, I decided to give this mix a try. If the final product is as good as the batter, well... this would be a happy girl tonight. The flavor is deep, the batter is dark... and the taste of molasses and ginger is intense. It really taste's like homemade gingerbread.

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The cake is cooling. We will eat it later tonight.

The side of the box also says you can make traditional gingerbread cookies (you know the rolled out kind) with this mix.... so I might be trying that this weekend.


Patty said…
Umm umm looks good. Topped with whip cream.
Melinda said…
does look yummy!

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