She saw Saw

So, we were very eagerly awaiting the return of the "Jigsaw" serial killer... and quite frankly..... I'm confused.

I'm not sure what I saw. We all were disappointed with this installment.

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And oh yes, there is blood, lots and lots of blood... and gore, and half of the movie, I'm peeking between the fingers of my hand that is covering my eyes.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... and for those of you that have been afraid of getting your eyes hurt.... I suggest you might just want to wear protective eye gear.


Melinda said…
why put yourself through that torture?
Merisi said…
Sounds scary to me.
I am the PG13 kind of woman as far as movies are concerned (and they may turn out to be too scary). :-)

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