Sunday --- Somewhat Dreary Outside

The sky is dark, the ground is wet and the air is chilly. Gazing outside, you might begin to think that snow might be on it's way.

So, I turned to baking. I cut up some Granny Smith apples and Gala apples, and baked an apple pie (in between pausing Mr. Brooks - which is a pretty good movie).

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It's cooling now, and the rump roast is in the oven. That gave me time to watch "Sicko". If you haven't had the opportunity to view it, you really should. It might just be a real eye-opener regarding healthcare in America.

This long holiday weekend (Thur, Fri, Sat & Sun) we watched 4 movies from our local library (Washington-Centerville) and one from Netflix. I live in a great area with an outstanding libary. They also happen to have a great movie and music selection.

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Thumbs up on all the movies except for Santa Clause 3. Disney should now stop. Hopefully there will not be a Santa Clause 4.

Well... off to make side dishes for the rump roast. Happy Sunday everyone!


Patty said…
WOW, that's one good looking apple pie, with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, what more could you want. Love you
Melinda said…
the pie looks fabulous!
Melissa said…
The pie looks great Angela. I agree with you about Santa Claus 3, just think I took Audrey to the theater last year to see it...yep, big waste of money!
Audrey said…
i think that the pie looks yummy and it is making me hungry. i love love love love you to the moon and back and all the stars
lv2scpbk said…
I'm getting ready to watch "Sicko" right after I blog this. I clicked on your site from Melissa's. Wonderful looking pie. Yum!

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