Thanksgiving Day Dinner

::::patting a full tummy::::

We had a nice quiet dinner. The gravy was simply the best. The dressing was excellent. And of course the jellied cranberry that you slip from the can was yummy.

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Also wanted to share a $1.00 Target find. This cute little pink snowman felt container. It's a perfect little home for one of my orchids.

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Melissa said…
Looks like you had a good dinner, and that looks like my top secret macaroni and cheese! The little snowman is really cute.
Patty said…
I noticed the other day at Target, they have quite a few nice little items for a dollar. Really surprised me. Your dinner looked good. I'm still full from our dinner, so I doubt I'll be eating any supper. Becky and Margaret are due back to watch an NFL game they can't get on their line up. They'll be leaving the dog till Monday, they're leaving in the morning early for SC to go fossil hunting for the week-end. Doesn't even sound like fun to me. We had a few little snow ball type things that fell, but not for long.
Anonymous said…
We have snow on the roofs up here this morning. It is also cold.

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