Tuesdays & Trader Joe

It's already the 6th day of November. Is it me? I mean... if my life was a movie, the daily calendar pages would be flying off its base and piling up like raked leaves around my feet.

And speaking of movies, I was able to get a few new movies at our local library. Tonight Alex and I watched the Robin Williams movie "License to Wed". Many of the actors in this movie are from "The Office" and well I love "The Office". Overall we like the movie, it's a good rental, not big box office theatrical material... but had a few funny parts.

I lover Trader Joe. I love their frozen baby green beans, their organic chicken stock, their organic whole tomatoes with basil and the Triple Ginger Gingersnaps. But I also love their selection of flowers and plants that are always reasonably priced and beautiful.

This week they had several varieties of orchids and I picked up two. Both white, but one has a purple center and the other a yellow center.

Anyway... below is a photo I took. I actually took about 38 photos... but they were either too blurry, too dark or too light.

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Well... time to clean Shimmer aka Splash's bowl... and then clean the deep cut on my thumb.. which I probably infected with one of the following tonight:

  1. raw chicken germs from dinner preparation
  2. washing down Shimmer's slick bridge from fishtank
  3. parasitic bug from orchid plants (I watered them tonight)
  4. a canvas tote bag gifted to me from a funeral home which had the most disgusting odor of chemicals and toxic fumes.... I actually vomited upon exiting the vehicle being in a contained environment with the funeral home bag for 30 minutes. I decided that some gifts are better forgotten... so it's now in a local trash dumpster.

So... off to tend my wound and fish. Sweet dreams!


Melissa said…
Beautiful flower Angela! I don't blame you about the tote bag...from a funeral home? That's even more creepy....probably picked up the odor of dead bodies while there.
Patty said…
Make sure you keep an eye on the thumb, sounds like you could have picked up any kind of bug with all you handled. I can't even imagine a tote bag from a funeral home? What were they advertising or giving away? The flower looks beautiful, you mean it's a plant, how would you care for it? I would think it would need really warm, moist climate. Have a good week. Love you.
Melinda said…
YEP gorgeous flowers! Thumb sounds nasty.......and yes keep an eye on it with all the MRSA flying around!

AND HOW did you get a funeral home tote bag????

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