A wet and dreary Sunday in November

It has been drizzling all morning. The air is chilly. The furnance kicks on and off. Looking outside the window by my computer, everything is dark and grey. These type of days always remind me of November.

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Not many birds have stopped by the birdbath. Only a wet squirrel bounces back and forth the window, a peanut sticking out of it's mouth while it tries to find the perfect hiding place for this little treat.

I've been having fun with the Modge Podge. Here's a little notebook I made the other night. The child's face came out of a catalog. I thought it was so cute, I wanted to keep it. So... now I'll see it everytime I pick this up.

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Melissa said…
Dinner looks good. Modge Podge? I've never tried that one, I think I'll stick to card making and scrapbooking!
Melinda said…
dinner looks fabulous even though I don't eat pork anymore.....except for occasional bacon

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