Friday, December 28, 2007

Audrey at Night

We went to Woodland Lights up at Washington-Centerville Rec Center tonight. Although the temperature was 46 degrees... it had been raining early... and everything was wet and chilly.


Audrey rode the clown swing. She likes to spin. I thought the Santa swing was really cute.


Gary and Audrey rode the slide.... but the pictures didn't really turn out... it was too dark... except for this blurry pic of Gary having fun.


We dropped by Santa's cabin, but we were informed that Santa and Mrs. Claus had headed back to the North Pole. We did stand beside a warm fire, and song Christmas carols.


More spinning for Audrey:


Woodland Lights are very pretty... especially those reflected on the water.



Melissa said...

These are great pictures Angela. I really like the one of Audrey laughing and smiling on the spin ride. It sounds like she's having a great time.

Melinda said...

wow.....looks like fun...I did not even know about the lights..I wanted to take Noah somewhere on Wednesday night as it was clear and much warmer but I had to make up work!

Patty said...

Hope she didn't get a damp bottom from the rides. Looks like she was having fun. How about Gary, did his bottom get damp coming down the slide?