Birthdays in December

We celebrated Noah's 9th birthday (my nephew) and Grandma's 85th birthday yesterday at Melinda's home.

Melinda had a cake for each one....



She also had cupcakes for the kiddies... and a Decadent Red Velvet cake... which was very, very good. It has been years since I had a slice of red velvet... and I think that is my new favorite flavor.


Below is a picture of Noah and Grandma right before we sang Happy Birthday to them. Also included in the picture is my Uncle Sonny (my mother's brother).



Melinda said…
so sweet
Melissa said…
Sweet photo of Grandma, Noah, and Sonny together. Gee...those cake photos look nice..hmm, I think I took those with your camera didn't I? I had to tease you about that.
Patty said…
You got some really nice shots. The photo of the three of them is very good. And yes that red velvet cake was really delicious. Love you
weirdbunny said…
Wow what stunning looking cakes, the icing looks delicious !l

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