Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas!

Every year we would go to my grandparent's home for Christmas eve. Grandma would fix the most incredible ham and everyone brought covered dishes. The children received presents, photos were taken and a lot of general confusion filled the night. As a child we were so excited to get to their house and even as an adult, we always went there for Christmas eve. night.

Then Grandpa developed Alzheimers and slowly Christmas eve changed. The confusion and noise of children playing and people talking confused him. He had moments of clarity... but also times he seemed on the brink of crying. Christmas eve. became bittersweet.

Grandpa died on Thanksgiving morning several years ago... and Christmas eve. at my grandparent's home ended

So... we created a new holiday tradition. Every Christmas eve. since, we go to a Chinese restaurant. Last night we went to China Cottage. Gary returned home to take a nap before he went to work at Kettering Hospital. Alex and I watched "Stardust".

This morning we shared a Christmas breakfast before Gary went to sleep. Boychild demanded to know why we woke him up at 7:30 A.M. (oh how times change on Christmas morning---as a little boy he would wake us up, much, much earlier).

Here are a few photos from this morning.

Gary and Me

Gary and Alex

Alex and Me (I must admit I whispered into his ear right before the photo was taken and he has extremely ticklish ears)

A Father and His Son

And a favorite stocking stuffer: First there was reindeer pooping.. this year... A Pooping Walking Pengiun.



Melissa said…
Great pictures Angela. Dad took some of Audrey and me, I'll have to get him to send them to me. Audrey was awake at 5:30 am to open presents.
Anonymous said…
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Melinda said…
excellent photos angela!
Patty said…
Very nice photos of the entire family. This is the first I've had time to look at your blog. I was busy all day yesterday. I got up fairly early, but was busy getting the dinner ready and sitting the table and all.

Thank you very much for the gifts you sent along with Melissa.

By the way, my cookie dough is sitll in her freezer, she forgot it, with everything else she was trying to remember.

Your Dad took several nice pictures of her and Audrey, but the sun made a streak across her neck, I told him he should pull the curtains, while taking the photos. He didn't take any after everyone was here, but Becky and Melinda did. I'll have to see if Becky had any good ones that she'll be sending out. I haven't checked Melinda's blog yet.

I'm surprised the Chinese place was open on Christmas Eve, kind of like the Christmas Story Christmas dinner, after the neighbors dog ate their turkey huh.

Again, very nice photos.
Anonymous said…
Nice photos of the whole gang.

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