I Guess it could be Snowing

It has rained all day. The sky has been dark and actually looks like snow is on it's way.

I opened the blinds at my desk area and this is what I saw at 4:00 pm:

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And once again my patio is flooded. Poor little bunny... he always gets so wet.

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Today's my 18th wedding anniversary. 18 years ago it was snowing just a little bit around this time, but the sky was bright.

I want to bake some cookies, but I don't want to make the time commitment. I do have a recipe that makes 12 large ginger cookies... so I might try that one tonight.



Patty said…
Yes, I remember it well, it wasn't snowing but it was soooo cold that late afternoon. Remember? I left my rose in the car, and when I took it out at home, the water in the little container around it was frozen, but it didn't seem to hurt the rose any.

Did Gary have to work tonight. Hope you two were able to do something nice. But with your sinuses and this nasty wet weather probably the best place to be was home. Love you all.
Melinda said…
18 years......WOW! Does not really seem that long ago......

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