Last Day of School in 2007

Today is Alex's last day of school for 2007. I can remember being at school and looking forward to that last day before Winter break. However, my son didn't seem that excited.

He's not a morning person... and he leaves for the school bus at 6:35 a.m. This is a photo from this morning.

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He doesn't look to thrilled... he had turn around to hand me his scarf proclaiming he wasn't cold enough to use it.

And speaking of thrilling... I awoke to hear this familiar song sung in an entirely unfamiliar way.

It was Rod Stewart... who I really enjoy... but he was singing "These are a few of my favorite things." I mean this was the song version you would hear in a Nightmare on Elm Street dream sequence. Far too freaky. But I did immediately get out of bed... no slapping the alarm for an additional 9 minutes.


Melissa said…
Poor kid....that is early, but he looks pretty awake for 6:35 am. It was warmer out today than it has been.
Melinda said…
yeah he sure does not look too thrilled. Well...I imagine he spends a lot of time on that bus too right? I know here the kids I think are on it like an hour or so! I am thankful I can take much quicker and no bus hassles!

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