Monday - 11:59 PM

I just had to check ebay to see how an auction is going. I have been trying to win a set of Fire King Tulip Bowls for months. It seems the auction always ends during the work day... and well.. we really aren't suppose to use company computers for undesignated, wild and random, internet surfing.

So... at the moment I'm the highest bidder on this set of bowls from a seller in Canada.

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And the auction ends 6 days 22 hours [Dec-17-07 19:49:39 PST] so I think I might have better luck in winning this since it ends at night... but then I get confused because I'm thinking 19:49 is 7:49... but I'm EST and this is PST... and if PST is 3 hours behind EST.... then that makes it 4:fucking49 and I'll still be at work. DAMN


Melissa said…
These are pretty Angela!
Michelle said…
I just read on the Witches cauldron that you never got your Halloween swap. I think that is HORRIBLE! I totally enjoyed this swap, my swap partner was awesome.
I think you deserve a good Halloween swap. If you send me your snail mail, I will send you out some halloween goodness.
Melinda said…
those bowls remind of of Grandma's
Audrey said…
i love those and they are pretty Angela

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