Snow blankets the Miami Valley

First comes snow, and now all I hear is the sound of icy snow crystals hitting the windows. And according to forecasts, the icy pellets will give way to freezing rain.

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We enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches for City Barbeque after we finished grocery shopping. Hubby went upstairs to take a nap, and boychild is now playing Halo after vacuuming downstairs.

I've off to watch a documentary and later to bake some cookies.

Keep warm, drive safe and remember : "Baby, it's cold outside!"


Melissa said…
I just shoveled off about 4-5 inches of snow! Now it's sleeting, Audrey and her girlfriend went outside with me, making snow angels and throwing snowballs! When I drove this morning it was so slick, cars were sliding off the roads and I even slid a few times!
Melinda said…
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Melinda said…
sorry....I made a boo boo above and deleted my comment

We also have already had at least 5-6 inches of snow and are on a Level 1 alert so far.....I heard it is bad out and not to drive if you don't have to. I already shoveled my first round too....but know I will have a few more times to do it to keep ahead.....

that is cool....I love to shovel snow!
Patty said…
Well Melinda, I wish you were closer, I don't like to shovel and I doubt the snow blower will work with the snow being so heavy. We have some of those pellet things that Abe is going to throw across the bottom of the drive way where the city's snow plow, pushes it in towards the drive way. Don't know why, but Mr. Shaner took the plow on the front of his truck and opened almost eveyone on our section of the block, except ours. I think he keeps thinking we're younger then what we are. All the other people are older. Stay warm

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