Thursdays.... A Day before Friday

Well.... it finally arrived. Yes... the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree... and I can't be more excited about it. Tomorrow night I'm picking up a blue blanket to wrap around the base... but I just had to give you a peek of it right at this very moment.

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I will have to take a pic of the box it came in which was at least 4 times bigger than the tree.

Anyway... there are 12 days before Christmas... and I'm still working on my Christmas cards. Instead of distressing my card fronts one at a time... I decided it would be quicker to do it a page at a time. I'm doing my cards in shades of pink and green.... lots of distressing, shimmers, and painting.

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Tomorrow night they will be cut out and mounted on cardstock... and the people without bows will be wearing a party hat.... but I love this vintage family.

Now... if you want to meet a Master in the world of distressing... you must and I mean you must click over to this blog NOW: Tim Holtz

Tim gives clear and concise instructions, great photos to match up with what he is doing... I mean... I swear I think I can learn how to do a lot of these things. And... I see there is a new 3 hour DVD filled with how-tos... I'm practically orgasmic. What a perfect little stocking stuffer to all those good little crafters in your life.

Later peeps... 2 Fingers Out

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Merisi said…
That family is so fun to watch! Cute outfits you are dressing them up with. :-))
Can you believe it, it's snowing in Vienna too!
Melinda said…
the tree is cute.......very minimal!

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