A Whirlwind named Audrey

This morning activities included: My haircut, my eyebrows waxed, a trip to the library, Alex's haircut, the cupcakes icing, Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, several songs from Guitar Hero, making cards for Noah, and now laundry.

We're getting to watch Grease.... a movie I have tried to avoid for at least 20 years or so... but it's one of Audrey's favorite. I'll review it later for you.

Here's some pictures of the guitar heros:

Alex demostrating for Audrey

Audrey's Solo

Card for a certain birthday boy


Melissa said…
Yes, she can be a whirlwind!

Guitar Hero sounds like fun.
Melinda said…
looks like fun and a nice card!
Tootie said…
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about getting the flash drive out of the package. My husband, Gary finally got it out with a hunting knife! :-)

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