Yummy Shrimp Salad

Two years ago, I came across a shrimp salad at a carry-in at work. It was one of the best salads I've ever encountered. The combination of the flavors, the freshness of the ingredients... everything just popped in your mouth.

So today was the annual carry-in for the entire Bank, and yikes... the shrimp salad maker was going out on client calls... really, really far north and would not be attending. However.... as I expressed how so many people would be disappointed that his salad would not be there (crossing my fingers behind my back).... he said that on his way to his meeting he would drop off the ingredients and then I could combine everything at the last minute.

So... this is what he gave me:

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So.. your ingredients are: Shrimp, Pickle, Celery, Onion, Parsley, Pico De Gallo (yummy stuff) and Japanese Mayo.

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Now the Japanese Mayo, not only comes in this cute sequeezable bottle, but the tip of the bottom has this star cutout... so when you squeeze it out, it makes a cute design.

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Basically you dump everything together.....

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It takes a lot of fresh parsley.... which I never really like fresh... but it so works in this recipe.....

And then you squeeze almost the entire bottle of mayo (which I have no idea how many ozs. that is)... and you stir it all together.

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He serves it with pita/flatbread... but I like to scoop it up on tortilla chips.

So thank you Alex for providing us our annual shrimp salad fix. Oh... these pictures were not taken with my camera, but my hubby's camera... and as you can see... I just can't use this camera.


Melinda said…
looks yummy to me too....but seems like a lot of mayo!
Merisi said…
Oooooooh, this looks so delicious! I wonder what the ingredients of the Japanese mayo are, a bit of wasabi, some tofu, soy for flavor, who knows. Pico de Gallo, once of the delicacies I miss. Is that guy ever travelling to Vienna???
Merisi said…
I HAD to go check
wikipedia, here's what they say:

Japanese mayonnaise, typically made with rice vinegar, tastes somewhat different from mayonnaise made from distilled vinegar and is yellowish in appearance. It is most often sold in soft plastic squeeze bottles. Apart from salads, it is popular with dishes such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki and yakisoba. It is sometimes served with cooked vegetables, or mixed with soy sauce or wasabi and used as dips. In the Tōkai region, it is a frequent condiment on hiyashi chuka (cold noodle salad).

Kewpie (Q.P.) is the most popular brand of Japanese mayonnaise, advertised with a Kewpie doll logo.

People who are known to like mayonnaise are commonly called mayora (マヨラー) by their friends.

The article is illustrated with the same bottled mayo you photographed. I now wonder were else have I seen that Kewpie doll ... ;-)
Audrey said…
yummy but i don't like it

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