Could the Universe be Telling me Something? Nahhh


Come close... just a little closer to the screen. I have something to say. A story that is so real, you might just gasp with wonderment and think I'm surely making this stuff up. I only wished I had made this up.

So, it's Wednesday - January 2nd. A major windstorm came swirling into Montgomery County bringing several inches of drifting snow. It was about 12:25 PM.. I was on my way back to work after lunch.

And then it happened.

As I was getting on the elevator, 2 women stepped off. One woman I recognized from about 15 years ago. She lives in Brookville and we rode the bus together. I can't remember her name, I only recall the one eye she has that is twice the size of the other one... and it doesn't exactly look in the same direction... so I usually avoided talking to her because I never knew where to look... but this is not the story I need to tell.

The other woman with the woman with the wandering eye... says to me "Oh, there's no one on the 7th floor." Naturally I looked behind me since I had no idea what she was talking about. I mean... I work on the 6th floor.

I guess with my confused look, she had to continue. "I guess they canceled Weight Watchers today because of the snow."

It might just be a coincident that I gasped at the same time my hand squeezed my 32 oz paper cup filled with diet coke, popping the plastic lid off the rim... and a geyser of coke poured down my hand. I stumbled onto the elevator and "thanked" her for the info.

What the fuck.... I don't go to Weight Watchers.

Now... I will admit that about 1 1/2 years ago, I went to this group ... when they were meeting on the 5th floor.... and I know the freaky-eye woman attended then. So... I tried to rationalize that perhaps they recognize me... and were just being helpful in relaying useful information.

But then I think...........damn... that bitch just naturally assumed that since I'm fat, carrying a huge soda and a bag from "My Favorite Muffin" that I had to be going to Weight Watchers.

NOTE: That evening when I got home from work, guess what I got in the mailbox? Yep! An offer from Weight Watchers to join in the New Year without having to pay the start-up fee.

NOTE TO SELF: Could the Universe be sending me a message? Nah... shaking my head in disbelief as I open a box of Esther Price Chocolate Covered Cashew Caramel clusters.


Melissa said…
Well, that was pretty crappy that she just assumed you were going to Weight Watchers, but you could also look at it as she was trying to be helpful to you by giving you the information too!

By the way, your baby sister is signing up for Weight Watchers this Friday since they are having meetings at work! Since I have Medical Mutual insurance, if I attend 15 of 17 meetings I get back $75.00 from the insurance co.
Patty said…
Hey Melissa, that sounds like a good deal. Chris joined one in Fl., I don't know how he's doing. I'll ask him the next time I call him.

Angela those woman sound like the young girl I ran into one time at Dr. Thomas' office. She and I were the last two waiting in the office. I had gone in for my allergies and was feeling like crap. I have no idea what she was there for, except she was a lot younger then me and very perky and seemed full of engery. I on the other hand felt all washed out, stuffed up and miserable. So I was sort of slumped down on the chair with my head laying back on the back of the chair and she asked, is this your first one? It took me a minute to figure out what she said, then I sit up straight and looked at her and said, no I all ready have four children, but then I'm ALSO not pregnant. Good grief at that time I weighed a lot less than I do now. Believe me, when ever I see a woman that even lookes like she might be pregnant I never, ever ask her anything about it, just in case she isn't.

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