Did I write this?

Today I was writing in my journal before I started work. I was flipping through the pages, as I have a tendency to stick little bits of paper or pictures within the pages, and I came across this.

Every story has a beginning but rarely do we talk about the ending. Yet the ending is always present, cloaked and invisible, waiting in seclusion.

It's appearance can be grand and loud, it's audience large and the participants intense. It can also creep in quietly, leaving nothing but silence.

But the outcome is always the same. It will always

Now it's in my hand writing. It's not dated... but I started this particular journal at the end of November 2007. Around that time, I had gone to a cemetery and took some photos... so I can only assume that's what I was writing about. But it's sort of freaky to see something you have written and you can't recall doing it... and it was less than 2 months ago.

So... naturally I have to leave something found at that cemetery.


Off to watch the preshow on VHI award program. Ross Matthews is hosting... and he cracks me up. You know... Ross the Intern from the Tonight Show. His blog is: http://blog.nbc.com/ross_blog/


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