Make Your Own M & M Character

When Audrey was visiting me several days ago, we stumbled across this site:

Make my M&M Character Now

I must admit, I think I had just as much fun as Audrey in creating characters.

I call this one........... Miss Green with Envy:


Off to make cabbage rolls. Later peeps


Patty said…
I'm going to check this web site out later. Looks like fun. Cabbage rolls sound good. but since your Father doesn't seem to care for something like that, I'm having country style ribs with kraut and mashed potatoes, dont know what else, maybe nothing else.
Did you see the photo of Melinda's cat, he looks like he's blowing a horn for New Years Ev, real cute.
Audrey said…
well well well i will check it out
Melissa said…
I'll have to check it out!
tongue in cheek said…
Oh this will be a fun site to explore, when my friends bring their little ones around...I hope I can hold out that long!

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