The New Year Secret

My husband has a recipe for cabbage rolls that he keeps hidden somewhere in the house. On New Year's eve, he disappears and the recipe appears. He keeps it guarded and I'm banned from the kitchen as he whips up this secret meal.

However, this year he had to work at the Hospital. I suggested that I could either make his "secret" version or go to and make her recipe. He disappeared. He finally return with this:


He unfolded the recipe and said he guessed I could use it. Now please take a look at it. It's basically a list, no direction. I had to improvised... but I did succeed in making a batch, that I might just add, was tastier than his.


Okay... I'm a freak... but when I eat something with saurkraut in it, I love to put mustard in my mashed potatoes. Now my son does too. Hubby, however, doesn't want to try it like that.


Melissa said…
I do the same thing with the mustard on the potatoes with kraut. When I did this in front of the ex's family they all thought I was crazy. The same thing at work, no one had ever heard of that before.
Melinda said…
I USED to do the mustard in the potatoes.....don't think I could anymore.

They look good Angela even though I am not a huge fan of cooked cabbage
Patty said…
They look delicious. You need to type up his recipe and laminate it for him, someday his paper will be so worn out, even he won't be able to read it.
weirdbunny said…
Cabbage rolls, i've never heard of those ?
kizam said…
wow i haven't thought about cabbage rolls since my uncle bill died ..he did the same thing regarding the secret recipe hehehe ..he was Polish and he cooked cabbage rolls and they were so good. and yes mustard in the potatoes!!! ok i'm going to the store...
btw your photos are so brilliant...bravo.

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