Hermine's Place Challenge 2008

On August 6, I noticed a challenge on one of my favorite blogs: Hermine's Place She made an incredible background and challenged us to use that background in something we create.

This background is in all my favorite colors... I wish this was wallpaper. Anyway... here is my "creation".


And please drop over to Hermine's Place to see all the entries.

Thanks for looking.


Melissa said…
This is beautiful Angela! I love it!
Very nice.
Melinda said…
This is gorgeous Angela! What do you do with all these things you make??
Anonymous said…
Its gorgeous! Thank you so much for playing.
Melinda: Sometimes I can use for a card front. Sometimes I just stick inside a book. I just usually shove them in a plastic organizer thingy.
Janny said…
It's a gorgeous piece of work!
bockel24 said…
This is really lovely!

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