Tiny Homes, Gypsy Wagons and Fairy Gardens

I was searching the internet looking at "gypsy wagons". I'm not sure what the fascination is for me in these homes on wheels, but I think they are so charming and I really want one. Of course I think I would make mine a scrapbook haven, a creative retreat, a place to go to seek quiet.

So during this internet search, I came across a blog called: Tiny House Blog - Small House Living. I'm now a faithful follower of this blog. Some of these tiny homes are amazing and I wonder could I live in such a tiny space. I certainly would have to declutter and downsize all the stuff I have; but there is something about this blog that keeps me coming back and reading through the archives. These tiny homes can be so eco-friendly; easy to maintain and much cheaper than a big home.

My father has a woodshop shed in his backyard which is probably bigger than some of these tiny homes. If I was single I would definitely try living in one these homes. Anyway... take a few moments and scroll through their archives. It's sort of amazing.

And lastly everyone is talking about starting a fairy garden. My Uncle has a fairy garden that he created for his grandchildren and it's pretty magical. I came across this fairy garden that was being set up for display at a garden show. Wouldn't this be so cute set up close to my gypsy wagon?


Patty said…
Might be nice to get away to yourself in for a few hours, but I'm afraid it would be pretty cramped to live in a place that small.

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