Bye Bye Borders Bye Bye

I was so sad and disappointed when I discovered my local Borders was on the list of extinction. And even more frustrated to learn that the Borders in Mason, Ohio was also about to expire. Although there is a Barnes & Noble close by, as well as Books & Company, neither come close to the love affair I have with Borders.

This love affair with Borders has spanned several years, but the last two years has been intense. Every Sunday morning, immediately after Meditation Service, I would go to Borders for a cup of White Chocolate Mocha and just be. I might read, or flip through magazines or journal. I wrote many journal entries at Border. Sometimes I would just watch and listen other Border patrons.

And when they made the announcement they were closing 100 stores, I didn't expect to go into my Borders the very next day and see all the yellow and red signs announcing sale prices. In 24 hours my world was crushed. I thought I would go up there to enjoy a last coffee...but even the coffee shop was closed, the chairs on the table.

The store was crawling with non-regulars.... their baskets heaped with books and videos all at 20% off. Where were these people when Borders needed them. Every week Borders had a 33% coupon if you were a member of their free club but now these non-regulars were happy with 20% off prices.

Not sure what I'll be doing on Sunday mornings now.


Patty said…
Isn't there another book store in the area that serves coffee wile you browse?

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