Full Moon Dreamboards: The Full Snow Moon

I'm posting this a little late. Sometimes life gets busy!

My dreamboard this month is calm, peaceful and serene or at least that is what the images are saying to me. As always a spiritual connection emerges and light appears in many forms. I love the child's shadow reflected in the puddle, the open gate inviting me to venture out and the woman staring intensely at the light she holds.

Full Snow Moon Dream Board 2011

This month's images come from www.pinterest.com (a site I'm totally in love with).

To learn more about dreamboards, please click the title above and you'll be magically taken to Jamie Ridler's Studio.


Anonymous said…
The images are so rich...with shadow, light and color...and with imagery.
May you have the month your heart desires.
Julie Gibbons said…
Oooh - I've fallen in love with every single one of your images - may all your dreams leap off the screen and into your lap :)

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