A Busy Weekend

Had a great weekend; but why do they always go by so quickly? It was a celebration weekend with Audrey, my niece, turning 11 and my sister Becky turning 49 (?).

On Saturday Becky, Audrey and Margaret were in the Dayton Mall area so stopped by to pick me up. We went to EO at the Greene for lunch. I guess the weather (major rainstorm) kept the crows away. The restaurant was almost empty and we had a great lunch.

I told them I had dessert at home so they came back to the house. I actually had a cake from Ele' so we did the whole birthday thingy. I think I surprised both Becky and Audrey.

And then of course it was off to Mom & Dad's for the official celebration on Sunday. All those pictures are on Facebook... but I took quite a few with my new Nikon.

And naturally... the squirrels were about, hoards of long tailed rodents. But they are so cute when they come to beg for treats. This little guy is pretending to be a branch... but he didn't fool me.


Olivia said…
It sounds so relaxing and fun, Audrey! How nice to have family close by like this, xoO
Patty said…
Yes, Audrey has had quite a celebration, Sat. Sunday, and she took cupcakes to school on Monday plus this coming Sunday she'll be at her other side of the family to celebrate her birthday and a cousin from Columbus.

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