Windy Saturday

Alex, my 18 year old cupcake, and I went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. When we entered the restaurant we were asked which game we wanted to watch. The place was crowded with basketball fans and since UD Flyers were playing it made for some interesting people watching. Those fans really get into their games.

Alex did allow me to take his picture. But only one.

He drove me up to Nissan so I could look at a Nissan Juke. I must say I did think the shape was nice. Somewhat bigger than my cute Versa. If Gary needs to buy a car this year, I think I'm going to give him my Versa and buy a Juke.

We did try to buy him a pair of 12 gym shoes but had problems finding that size in a pair he liked. He's somewhat selective.

Alex asked to wash my car and I agreed. He likes washing them... and I stayed in the car and took goofy photos of he and me. I think I could probably amuse myself for hours that way.


Olivia said…
The Juke looks cute, EB, and I can easily see you in it! How nice to have a son who likes washing cars--wow! xoO
Patty said…
Did he clean the inside also? I know he likes to do that also, or perhaps that's his Dad that likes to do that. Well Missy and Audrey just left for a day at her other Grandma's house to celebrate Audrey and her cousin's birthday. So they will be gone for lunch and probably supper/dinner. That means I will probably warm the chili for us at lunch and eat what ever we find in the frig for our supper. One day I don't have to cook. LOL Breakfast was just toasted bagels and on your Dad's I put a hard fried egg with a piece of cheese that melted slightly. Melissa had a cold boiled egg with hers. have to run, not dressed yet. I hate this new time all ready. One clock says 10:45, the others say 11:45, have to change two clocks yet. LOL Love you

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