Memorial Day Weekend

Since Becky and Margaret were bringing Miss Audrey over for a swim, I decided to invite Melinda and Noah over as well and have a little summertime lunch. I decided to go with a red, white and blue theme (I know... so very creative of me) and to also throw in a small birthday cake for me (my birthday is June 1st).

First... I must say my Hubby was a great help. He searched through the storage unit to find the extra table leaves... and make the pasta salad.

Of course I didn't really give anyone a set time for dinner (remember this was impromptu) so was still farting around when everyone arrived.

Oh... and before I could take the first bite of food, I leaned over to grab something and left a mustard imprint of my hotdog on my left breast. (no.. there are no pictures of that).

We did have pasta salad, baked beans, corn off the cob with almost 2 sticks of butter, chips and dips, Nathan's Hot dogs and Veggie Burgers:

Then it was time for cake... and this little cake came from Ele' and was very, very tasty.

Then we moved slowly to the pool. Remember it was like 95 degrees outside, hot and humid and sitting in the sun (even under a shady spot) was not my idea of fun... but I went to take some pictures of the kids having fun in the icy water.

Noah is 12 and loves his green donut tube thingy...

and Miss Audrey who is only 11 but seems to be going on 18.

Becky, Margaret and Alex took off to the hot tub....

I think everyone had fun... and my Mom even came (I've lived here 2 years and she never made it up the stairs to visit our apartment)....

Oh.. and did I mention there was a hailstorm last week that really hurt my car... but also shredded my window screens?

Here I am waving goodbye and you can see I can now stick my head out the screen....that hailstorm was fierce.

And thanks to my sister Melinda for providing the pictures of the food, plates, etc. I didn't get out my camera until we went outside.


Patty said…
The food was great, really loved the pasta salad. I need to get your recipe. Gary was a good host. Everything was delicious, apartment is very nice, I even liked the balcony. I have a feeling I would be sitting out there if I had one like that. Don't have to worry about anyone sneaking up on you, unless they can jump high enough to grab hold of the bottom and swing over the top, but then I don't think you have any spider man in your area. LOL A shame about the windows and your car. Even the movie was fun we all watched before coming home. Thanks for the invitation.
Melinda said… are welcome for the pics....I should have taken a pic of my plate of food before I ate! We had a great time. Everything was good..and upstairs with a balcony is nice. We always enjoyed ours in Colorado and it is nice not having to worry about someone coming by and peeking in!

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