Simply Amazing

Still gathering inspiration for my bedroom redo. And I'm still being drawn to black, white and gray.

I couldn't help but notice this rug the other day. It's simply amazing. Look at the texture. Can you imagine walking on it? Laying on it? Making love on it?



Patty said…
LOL, making love on it, no, unless you lay a sheet over it first, why mess up a perfectly good throw rug. Plus once down on the rug, you have to get back up. LOL
Anonymous said…
Hi Angie, When I saw the rug in the picture I had to smile...I have something very similar laying over my bed. It's called a Morrocan wedding blanket and I got it from Maryam at My Marrakesh. She has loads of them which she herself sources from the Berber hills outside of Marrakesh where she lives.

She and her family have a beautiful B&B where I would love to stay some day!

Good luck with your bedroom redo.

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