Stairway to Heaven

I recently toured two rentals, an apartment and a loft. Each one of these properties had a spiral staircase.

The staircase in the apartment was just huge and ugly as it dangled at the end of the living room. I actually knocked my head on one of the rungs when I walked out of the bathroom with the property manager (okay I was walking backwards). Now my hubby's head is like a magnet and always attracts hard objects towards it. I swear two or three times a night I hear his head hitting a cupboard door, the wall, the headboard of the bed, the tile in the shower and always distant cussing in the background. I've often considered buying a helmet for him. I mean even the trunk lid of his car slammed against his head and just momentarily stunned him. Of course 2 days later he was in ER with stroke-like symptoms but he did recover. Anyway.. I knew this apartment wouldn't work out for us.

In the loft the spiral staircase looked like it should be there. But it was very narrow and I wondered how the movers would get anything up the stairs.

But I recently came across this bedroom (yes the search is still on for ideas). This staircase is so unusual. I would just love it and if I found a home with this type of staircase I would buy my Hubby a helmet.



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