Bourbon Chicken

On Thursday, since it was so nice and breezy outside, Debra, Sandy and I walked over to the Bitchin Bourbon Chicken place. On the way there, we ran into Michelle and Jennifer who happened to be walking over to Subway but decided to join us since they missed us so much.

I ordered the bourbon chicken, steamed veggies and lo-mein noodles. I noticed while the server was making my order she used several ladles of the bourbon sauce but hey... who doesn't like a little sauce.

As I twirled the lo-mein noodles around my plastic fork and then stuck the fork in my mouth, that bourbon juice splashed all over my shirt. It happened again with the next bite and then again with the third. Thankfully I was wearing a multi-colored top.

I decided to take part of my lunch back to work. As I stood in the doorway I tilted my container and that sauce ran down my wrist, past my elbow and hit my armpit. At least 1/2 cup of sauce poured out.

My wrist was dripping sauce, my bracelet was dripping sauce, and I oozed the bourbon sauce smell.... which at this point in time was not pleasant.

I had to come back to the office and wash my sleeve, my bracelets, and my ring. I even had to wash my phone because I had answered the phone before washing the sleeve and my phone was covered with the sauce.

I also left a trail of sauce droplets for 2 1/2 blocks. It was a bourbontastic Thursday.


Patty said…
Did you let them know?
Melinda said…
hahaha..I am surprised they did not think you were drinking!

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