Hot... Hot.... Hot....

This has truly been the hottest week I can recall. I can't even imagine how you could survive in this weather without central air. I lived in Utah and the heat could jump to 110, but that 110 feels a lot cooler than a humid 110 heat index.


My little cupcake started a job on Friday which requires him being outside. He seems to love the job (his first) but I worried about him being outside. He really hasn't spent that much time outdoors in the summer. So I kept reminding him about the signs of a heat stroke and exhaustion and hope that if he does start feeling weird.... he will tell someone. He did buy a lunch bag to fill up with water... so I know he's keeping hydrated.

Saturday I went to Arcanum to visit with Grandma C. On the way I stopped by and picked Becky (my sister) up. We stopped at a Farmer's Market and I selected green beans, purple onions and new potatoes. Those will be prepared for a Sunday meal.

We had a nice visit with Grandma. Thankfully Uncle Mike was in Alabama so we had lots of quiet, peaceful time with Grandma. We did go to lunch at the Dragon Buffet in Greenville. It was sauna-like inside and the food that I had was pretty bad. Becky was the only one that got the buffet and seemed to enjoy everything she had. I guess Grandma and I should have ordered the buffet too.

Then we stopped by Melinda's house for a short visit and I gave her my leftovers. Perhaps Melinda could doctor up the chicken cashew to make it taste better. Uncle Sonny was there and Melinda's home was nice and cool. I think I got overheated at the restaurant.

This picture was taken at Melinda's house....of course I took it from an arm's length away... and couldn't really tell what I was taking.


Grandma seemed so happy (time away from Uncle M really does her good and I hope he moves back to his house real soon). It's hard for me to believe she's 88...but then again I'm 55. I will never have a grandchild who is 55 years old. I had my son at 36....and since Alex will be 19 in August and with no baby making thoughts in his head yet.... even if he would have a baby in the next year.... I would be like 111 when that kid turned 55.

We did stop at my parent's house on the way home. I wanted to see their new dog Pepper Jax. He's sort of a stinky dog... but he does seem well behaved.


Mom fixed SOS for dinner so I had a small bowl of it. Sort of a taste from childhood and then Dad went outside to water a dying bush and I guess Mom wasn't watering it the correct way and he did some yelling and cussing which was a common theme in my childhood except he wasn't pulling an oxygen tank then.

Funny how some things never change... they might lay dormant... but they are always ready to pounce out. Of course Audrey witnessed his blowup and told us how that made her feel. I told her she should tell him.... but what kid would. So since the visit moment was ruined... I dropped Becky home and headed back to my home which is a loving and peaceful place and I'm pretty happy and thankful for that.


Olivia said…
I'm glad your home is loving and peaceful, EB. Good for you for making it so. All children need peacefulness and an environment safe from strife...I'm sorry you didn't have that (neither did I). I'm also glad you got to visit with your family who is close by. Peace and love to you, xoO
Thanks Olivia... how are you doing? I loved the picture of all your cherries. I stopped at a farmer's market yesterday and got 3 pounds of green beans, some new potatoes and purple onions. They are now all cooking in the pot for dinner tonight.

Much love to you..... hugs

Melinda said…
well...that says everything so very reason we don't go there very often to can lose it at any moment....and I don't want to be around that now..had more than my fair share of it growing up...and I definitely don't want Noah around it. We have a wonderfully nice, quiet, peaceful, loving home here too...hopefully and prayerfully it will always stay that way! DEFINITELY different than how it was growing no...Audrey probably would not say anything...but she has also only seen GLIMPSES of how dad can truly be...I am thankful she has only seen glimpses...and it is doubtful it would ever make dad think twice about his actions or words he spouts off to people sometimes...and how he treats mom basically like shit and a slave all the time...but then again...that is HIS choice and HER choice to live like that.
Yep.... sad and true.

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