Remember Mary Richard's Monogram?

I used to watch the Mary Tyler Moore show faithfully when I was growing up. Who didn't want to be Mary Richards? Her apartment was so cute, her friends were funny and she had a job she loved. And she had that letter M hanging on her wall. Do you remember that?

But the years went by and I sort of forgot about that letter M until I was blog jumping the other night and came across this kitchen. And there was my letter A just waiting for me to notice it. And guess what? I remembered Mary's M and how much I wanted one all those years ago.

I do believe this weekend I'm stopping by Hobby Lobby and picking up my letter A. I'll post the happy results...

I would toss up my knit cap now, twirl in a circle a couple of times... but I'm in bed, the winter stuff is packed away.. and well I'm not really Mary Richards.


Patty said…
Make it a pretty yellow with flowers and hearts. But watch the twirling, you might get dizzy and fall down. I know I would. Happy "A" hunting.

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