Monday and Martha

I've been thinking about influences in my life. Family, friends, education, life experiences all mold you into the person you become. Along the way people outside your immediate circle also impact you. Oprah certainly did. And it's hard to imagine Monday-Friday without Oprah.

And with the 70th birthday of Martha Stewart this August, I realize that Martha has had a huge impact on my life.

It all started with this book:

The photos were amazing, the recipes perfect. She made me curious. And then her magazine appeared. Oh my gosh, it was my porn. I read each magazine from cover to cover. I tried many of the recipes. And every time her recipes were a success.

My book shelf is filled with her books, a lot of the pages in those books soiled, but those are the books I fall back on time after time.

So.. I just wanted to share what Martha means to me. Have a super Monday


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