The Mother of a 19 year old man

Yesterday my son, my cupcake, my little man turned 19 years old. He now towers over me and I get neck strain looking up at him.

Those 19 years flew by. I mean they really did. Once Alex got into school, time seemed to speed up and our family life revolved around the seasons.

Now Alex begins the next section of his life. College starts in another week, he works 30+ hours a week and my little man is venturing out in the world. I know he is prepared for that big old world, but there is a part of me that is very anxious. I don't want anyone to take advantage of him, I don't want him to get hurt, I want to keep him close. But if I was a Mother Robin I guess it's about the time I would have my little bird at the edge of the nest, ready to push him out.

Oh... one thing I have discovered with Alex working. My electric bill dropped over $100.00 and during August... a very hot month. I guess without x-box, his large flat screen and his computer not being on for over 12 hours a day... really saved me some electricity.


Melinda said…
It does go by so quickly....I cannot believe Noah will be 13 already in December
Patty said…
Wow, you saved that much in electric? Perhaps to, the thermostat wasn't set as low as it usually was, hard to believe his TV, computer and XBox would cost that much to run, a month.

Yes, it's hard to believe he's 19 all ready. But then look at Brittney and Justin. It happens. And Noah will be 13 and Audrey 12, time just keeps marching on.

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