On Saturdays

So what do you do on Saturday? Is it running from point A to point B, completing all your errands? Or is your Saturday filled with fun things to do?

I'm hoping to try a new recipe today but that will involve heading to the store to buy the ingredients. But I also need to pick up a prescription at Target Pharmacy, drop off books at the library, go to the grocery store, wash my car (okay I sit in the car while the machine washes the car), get gas, do some laundry and purchase "The Help" from my Kindle. Then I need to start reading the book, but will probably have to charge the Kindle up, charge my phone, give my hair a deep moisturizing treatment, run to Super Cuts to get my eyebrows waxed and find time to browse a vegetarian cookbook Emily brought in for me. Oh... I also need to purchase 9 powerball tickets for my workmates (closes eyes and pictures all 9 of us holding a very huge fucking check) and of course relax.

Deep breath.....


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