Everything Here is Wonderful

And it is... it really, really is.

My test results are back. The condition of my heart has improved. It's no longer enlarged (it became enlarged during the PE & DVT episode). The sides of my heart are flexible (I guess as you get older the sides begin to harden).

The chambers and the valves are working properly. No damage from the numerous A-Fib attacks.

My lungs were normal! No new clots and just a little residue from the old clots. That's really great news.

My lab work was good. Sugar level was 70. Cholesterol was 160. My TSH4 (a thyroid thing) was normal high... so they will monitor that. I forgot to ask if I was anemic but I'm sure the doctor would have told me since anemia can cause shortness of breath.

I'm still having problems breathing...but it's nice to know that blood clots are causing that problem.


Olivia said…
I am so happy for you, EB. Your numbers are so good! I still would ask the doctor about the anemia to be sure. Don't worry about bothering them. I also would verify with: "Just so I am sure I understand: I DON'T have anemia and the blood clots are causing my shortness of breath". You have paid for this and should know for sure! They work for you!

I'm so glad. You are getting healthier my dear, and you obviously have a strong constitution!! xoO

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