Unpacking & No Internet

We have moved in. Even with downsizing, there was still a lot of stuff that had to be moved. The movers showed up on time and went to work. Alex and Colin also helped with moving a lot of rubbermaid totes. And of course Becky was very helpful in putting up the curtain rods. Melinda and Noah stopped by to pick up the book shelves and Noah videotaped the new place. He was curious why our apartment required a 50 gallon water tank. I have no idea what our old tank was.

Now its the process of unpacking and getting organized. Pictures still need to be hung and I have to come up with the living room floor plan before AT&T arrive on Monday to install Uverse.

I will see you hopefully on the 3rd when my internet is restored. Hope you're having a great weekend.


Olivia said…
EB, you always amaze me--blogging with no Internet! I hope your move goes well and you get settled in quickly, and am sending you love, xoO
Thanks so much Olivia!

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