Where did the time go?

I can't believe it's December 14th. This year has sped past so quickly. But my life seems to be speeding up.

My son has graduated from High School and is now a Freshman in College. He also found a job, a job that is so suited for him, a job that he enjoys most of the time. I'm so happy that he was able to do this. He's becoming a man in front of my eyes. He's 19 and will be 20 next year. I never really saw myself as a Mother of a 20 year old man. But yet here I am... gazing up at him with wonderment. This creation came out of me. Wow!

Hope you all take a moment to look around your life and give thanks for all you have. Isn't it wonderful?


Patty said…
Most of the time, yes.
Olivia said…
What a sweet family you have, EB, and what a gift they are to you and you to them. I think I am going to blog later about things I'm grateful for...thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your family with us, xoO

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