Ducks in January

I decided to take every Friday off in the month of January and who knows.. I might do February as well (although there is talk about a week spent in Chicago during February for work).

Today was like Spring outside. The weather was breezy and 52 degrees. Pretty unusual for January. I grabbed my camera because the ducks and geese were having a ball on the pond.

The ducks would swim, then hop up on the frozen section of the pond, waddle over to the next area of water and then began swimming again. Here are a few of the photos I snapped.



Olivia said…
What a good idea to take off Fridays, EB! And I can't believe that two of my friends posted about ducks recently--you and Kelly here: I know very little about them, but think they are cute, esp when their heads are down and their tails are up! xoO
Patty said…
I bet they aren't swimming today, unless they have water that is constantly running so it can't freeze.

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