The Last Sunday in January

It's so hard to believe that January is almost over for 2012. Alex started off the New Year with a cold, and then passed it along to Gary and me. I did try to teach Alex the lesson of sharing when he was growing up, but I wasn't talking germs.

The weather in January has been unusual with a teeny amount of snow, very heavy winds and mostly mild temps. I think this weird weather has probably caused everyone's coughs and sniffles to hang on.

I haven't chosen my word yet for 2012. That is very unusual for me. I had it the other day and I can't recall it.

My immune system is begging for some attention and I've decided to show it some love. I'm going to faithfully make all my blood work appointments, get my b-12 shots every 2 weeks, add a regime of vitamins to my daily schedule and increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables we eat around here.

So this weekend I've tried several new recipes. The first was a roasted beet salad I found in the latest edition of O magazine. The recipe calls for yellow beets and red beets and Kroger's actually had both kinds.

The recipe also included 5 ozs of baby arugula, lemon, pistachios, and goat cheese. The link is:

The salad was very tasty. The yellow beet so sweet. I will definitely fix this again.

I'm looking forward to February. I've already purchased some Valentine cards to pass out at work and I have a trip planned for Chicago (oh please no blizzards while I'm there). And we get an extra day this year... so isn't that a cause for celebration?


Melinda said…
it all looks delish!

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