Happy Valentine's Day

So what did you do for Valentine's Day? I passed out goofy cards to my coworkers and Debra treated us to special little heart brownies that were so good.

Before I left for work, I left cards and boxes of Esther Price candy for my Hubby and son. My Hubby and I really don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I think we did the first couple of years we were married but the date didn't really hold any meaning for us... so instead we celebrate March 23rd, the anniversary of our first date.

Tonight when I was turning down my road, a local restaurant had people lined out the door and across the parking lot waiting to get in for their Valentine's meal. I think that's crazy, especially when it was freezing outside and a little wet. I mean really why is going out to dinner on February 14th so important for some people? I just really don't get it.

The first year Gary and I were married, he got me a dozen roses which cost $100.00. The roses were beautiful... but I told him that in the future I would really enjoy one rose with a $100 bill dangling from it.

Even when I was single I never really put any meaning to February 14th. It was just another day, a day that Hallmark profited from and a great way to pick up beautiful Valentine's boxes of candy the day after for 50% off.

Okay... okay... I'm going to bed.... Happy Valentine's Day and Sweet Dreams!


Anonymous said…
Hi Gorgeous.... just checking this place out.
Olivia said…
Oh EB I love that! I too would like a single gorgeous rose with a $100 bill I would like to feel less meaning to the day (as you know) but am sort of stuck. The comments of everyone (including you) helped on my blog post from yesterday and I plan to summarize what I learned later on tonight in another post.

I like how you celebrate the anniversary of your first date--it beats the crowds and makes it a special time for you both.

I think the long lines are people like me (but unlike me who have someone to go out with) who are trapped by their opting-in to our culture's marketing of the day.

Love to you, xoO
Angie D in Ohio said…
Hey Olivia... thanks for letting me know about the word verification. I never realized my account was set up that way.

You know what might be nice for Valentine's Day? A group of your special friends coming over on Valentine's night, each bringing an ingredient to add to the meal. Mingling in the kitchen with each other, laughing and sharing together, as you cook a meal; an evening of love and friendship. I would love an evening like that. It would be something to cherish.

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