A Sunday in February

Yesterday, the 19th, I spent some time with my niece Audrey. Because of her Mom's work and school schedule I haven't seen Audrey as much as I normally do.

We went to lunch at Abuelo's. She got her huge plate of Nachos and I got my usual "al Horno" thingy.

After lunch we went to Regal 20 to watch "The Vow". The theatre was filled with women. I didn't see one man there. I enjoyed the movie and was happy we could see it together. We saw a couple of previews of movies we want to see in the future.

On the way to Beavercreek for lunch and the movies, Audrey just talked and talked. She told me her entire life she has planned for herself. She might only be 12 but she told me how many children she will have (2 adopted, 3 natural), what colleges she will be attending, her 5 tops profession choices, and the age she will get married. She also told me what will become of her ashes when she dies. Hell... I don't even have my life planned to that detail and I'm 55.


Olivia said…
It sounds like such a fun date, EB. She sounds like a cool person, fun to be with! xoO

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