2012 - The Year of the Pavlova

I have been admiring pavlovas for years. I think they are beautiful. I love the idea of sweet, juicy berries adorning these dreamy mounds of egg whites. But I doubt my ability to make a satisfying one. I'm not sure why. I mean with my Kitchen Aid mixer it's not hard to create a meringue.

I almost made one in October. But it was raining and I was afraid the pavlova would breakdown.

I came across the below pic on the internet. I think I had an eye orgasm. I desire this pavlova. I want this pavlova in my mouth. I want to take a large bite, I want my eyes to close, I want to moan as all the flavors commingle and dissolve in my mouth. I want this. I want this bad.

So... I'm making a pavlova. I've set a date. June 1st. My birthday. More details to follow...



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