Easter Decorations are Going Up

I'm already decorating for Easter. Weird, right?

I mean I use to decorate when Alex was a babe. Holidays are exciting when you have a little one in the house. You sort of see the world through their eyes and everything is magical.

But then your babe grows up and I stopped decorating for certain holidays. But this year I'm excited about celebrating the holidays.

I found the cutest foiled rabbits at Hobby Lobby. They are sitting on the mantle on either end of a pastel wooden Easter sign. Photobucket

I will start growing some grass (no... not the smoking kind but the Kentucky Blue kind) for some Easter baskets I'll be working on. It takes about 14 days to grow and you really have to get the timing right.

Hopefully I will be able to decorate some Easter eggs with Audrey or Noah. It's not fun doing that by yourself. And of course if we decorate some... I'll post pics.

Hope your March is getting off to a good start.


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