This staircase terrifies me. I mean I feel like I could throw up. I wonder why this frightens me so much?


Olivia said…
I have a piece of artwork by Karen Smithey that looks just like this, EB, but I love it. Can you believe I found this from 5 years ago? http://happyluau.blogspot.com/2007/11/finished-nanowrimo.html

Maybe this might affect how you feel! xoO (Maybe not, too...)
Angie D in Ohio said…
Oh my gosh Olivia.... now that artwork is not scary. Interesting... and I like the visual inspiration of "be brave". Thanks so much for finding that.

I was sort of surprise how much I reacted to that picture. It was on a blog about modern design. Those stairs just really made me emotional.

Your week sounds amazing with your friend. I really enjoyed your entry about "eating". I will comment about that later. But I wanted you to know that it inspired me to rethink my food and eating vs. savoring the moment.

Love you girl....


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