My Crotch hit the Brake Pedal

Last weekend the weather was perfect... and my car was very dirty. You know dirty mats, dusty surfaces, and the grim of winter's salt everywhere.

So Hubby cleaned it for me. He was gone for hours. When he came back I had to inspect his efforts and it was amazing. It sparkled and I swear I could see my reflection on most surfaces.

I complemented my husband, thanking him for such a great job.

Then I got in the car on Monday morning. I do something that I never realized I did until that day. Once the door is closed, I lift my bottom and push back in just the right position. Except this day something happened. The steering wheel was so slippery, my hands slide off and my feet slide against the carpet of the floor.

Have you ever been on your ob-gyn's table and they tell you to slide down further? Well I assumed a position that quite frankly I didn't think I could physically achieve. Just for a sec... I do believe my crotch brushed up against the brake pedal.

As I clutched the slippery steering wheel, desperately trying to pull myself upright... I tried to remember how grateful I was for such a clean and slippery car.

Note: Hubby doesn't know why the carpet is so slippery... but I imagine when he was spraying the cleaner on the dashboard some of it fell on the carpet.

It's been a week and the car is still clean and quite slippery. Beware if you get in my car.


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